Warranty Card

of Free-standing and Built-in Products

Dear customer,

We appreciate choosing one of our products and joining Indesit, Xperial, Ariston and Scholtès customer group.

Warranty includes:

For 3 years the warranty will cover all the spare parts. Besides, the installation and the start-up of the product and usage training as well as providing the Persian user manual are all exempt of any charges.

From the time of installation and date of the issuing the warranty card until the next 3 years all the technical parts will have the warranty (according to the pre-requisites below) and for the next 10 years it will include the after-sales services (provided that the date on the warranty label has not been expired).

For the first 18 months; besides providing the spare parts for free, any spare parts changes will be exempt of charge and for the following 18 months the costumer should only pay for the spare part changes fees. For customers residing in Tehran, in case of moving the fridge or freezer to the repair center, a substitute product will be offered.

The warranty will not cover:

  1. Any damages because of voltage fluctuations, power surges and spikes, natural causes, fire etc,
  2. Installations and start-up of the product unlike what has been written in the user manual,
  3. Any moving of the product from the installation place without informing the service center,
  4. Any damages due to the transportation including scratches, dents or fractures,
  5. All exterior decorative parts including the panel, the body, buttons, knobs, handles, glass etc.


Any attemps to service or repair the product by unauthorized technicians will void the warranty.

Any manipulations or damage or the loss of the warranty card will void the warranty. A secondary warranty card will not be issued.

For any types of service, having the warranty card is mandatory.

Customers of the gas products or microwaves are obliged to contact the service center twice a year for testing gas leakage or wave leakage.

In case of any changes in your residential address or your phone number; please contact the service center.

Nikan, Relief of a choice

Only with Nikan Golden Service Warranty

Nikan Golden Services is the only official and legal representative of Indesit, Xperial, Ariston and Scholtès products in Iran.